Footstepper 1.1.0 is available.

This update adds support for tilemaps and new gizmo icons.


  • Tilemap Footstep Source
    Plays footstep effects based on the sprite of the tile at the raycast hit’s position. You can use multiple tilemaps in a single source, the first tilemap that has a sprite for the position will be used. Requires Unity 2017.2 or newer.
  • Footstepper
    ‘Auto Find’ settings available. If no footstep source was found on the game object hit by the raycast, the footstepper can search for effects based on hit tilemaps or renderers. This is now optional.
  • Gizmo Icons
    Added new gizmo icons for ‘Footstepper’, ‘Footstep Manager’, ‘Foot IK’, ‘Footstep Trigger’, ‘Object Footstep Source’, ‘Terrain Footstep Source’, ‘Tilemap Footstep Source’ and ‘Trigger Footstep Source’ components.
  • Footstep Materials, Footstep Texture Materials
    Materials now have their own, separate icons.