Footstepper is a complete footstep solution for the Unity® Game Engine.

Footstepper adds a versatile, reusable and extensible footstep system to Unity. Play different audio clips and spawn prefabs based on what you’re stepping on and use IK for foot placement on the ground. All features are supported in 2D and 3D games – it doesn’t matter if you’re going 1st person, 3rd person or top down, Footstepper has got you covered!

Supports all Unity versions since Unity 5.6 (i.e. also Unity 2017, 2018 and 2019).

Latest version: 1.5.0


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Try out Footstepper‘s demo, showing it in action in a 3D and a 2D demo scene:

Try the WebGL Demo

Download Windows Demo

Demo Assets

The demo assets are not included in the Asset Store to keep Footstepper small and light.

You can download the assets for different Unity versions here:

Download Unity 5.6 Assets

Download Unity 2017 Assets

Download Unity 2018 Assets

Download Unity 2019 Assets

The demo includes the 2D and 3D demo scene and uses assets from Unity’s Standard Assets as well as audio clips and textures from It’s recommended to import the demo’s assets into a fresh, blank Unity project, since it’s using some Untiy standard assets that have been modified to reference Footstepper to showcase how to implement it in control scripts.

To get the demo running, do the following:

  • create a new Unity project (matching the version of the demo)
  • import the unitypackage into the Unity project
  • import Footstepper into the Unity project
  • open the build settings: File > Build Settings… in the Unity menu)
  • add the 2 demo scenes to the ‘Scenes In Build’:
    • Footstepper/Demo/Demo3D/Footstepper Demo 3D
    • Footstepper/Demo/Demo2D/Footstepper Demo 2D

Quick Setup Guide

Create reusable Footstep Materials assets to set up the audio clips and prefabs (e.g. for particle effects) that should be used for something – you can set up separate clips/prefabs for walking, running, sprinting, jumping and landing.
They’re created in the Project tab in Unity.

Create reusable Footstep Texture Materials assets to link textures and sprites to footstep materials – this is used by terrains to determine the ground you’re moving on and can also be used to determine the ground based on the renderer of a game object.
They’re created in the Project tab in Unity.

Add Footstep Sources to game objects in your scenes:

  • Object Footstep Sources add footstep materials to individual game objects (e.g. for stones, wooden planks, brides or water).
  • Terrain Footstep Sources handle finding the correct footstep material for terrains.
  • Tilemap Footstep Sources handle finding the correct footstep material for a tile in a tilemap.
  • Trigger Footstep Sources add footstep materials to an area in your scene and overrule all other sources (e.g. for water or to make sure things in an area sound the way you want).

Add a Footstepper component to something that should use footsteps (e.g. the player). Footstepper components use raycasts to find the ground (and their footstep) below a foot.

Set up how footsteps are played.

More detailed explanations can be found in the documentation below.