Footstepper 1.8.0 is here!

This update adds the new Mesh Footstep Source to play footsteps based on materials of a mesh renderer, material-based footsteps and also UV texture coordinate based footsteps. Additionally, you can now define different footstep prefabs for a defined foot index, e.g. using different prefabs for left and right foot.


  • Mesh Footstep Source
    Plays footstep effects based on the materials of the mesh renderer at the raycast hit’s position (mesh must be readable, i.e. ‘Read/Write Enabled’ in it’s import settings). Uses footstep texture materials to find footsteps based on renderer materials. If no material is found, uses the footstep manager as fallback.
  • Footstep Texture Materials
    ‘Materials’ settings available. Link footstep materials to materials used by renderers. This is used by ‘Mesh’ footstep sources or when stepping on something with a ‘Mesh Renderer’ (and using renderer fallbacks). If no matching material is found, it’ll try to find a footstep effect based on the material’s main texture.
  • Footstep Texture Materials
    ‘UV Data’ settings available. Link footstep materials to textures and (renderer) materials based on UV texture coordinates. This allows using atlas textures/materials for footsteps. Textures/materials are bound to min and max UV texture coordinates, e.g. X=0,Y=0 to X=0.5,Y=0.5 for the first texture (UV coordinates originate in the lower left corner of the texture).
  • Footstep Materials: Prefabs
    ‘Index Prefabs’ settings available. Optionally add different prefabs for a defind foot index, e.g. to spawn separate prefabs for left and right foot.
  • Footstepper
    ‘Search Renderers’ now also supports finding material based footstep effects from a footstep manager’s footstep texture materiels. Tries to find the material based on the hit position on the mesh.
  • Footstep Trigger
    ‘Foot Index’ setting available. Define the index of the foot the footstep trigger is used for. This is used by index prefabs of footstep materials to find the foot’s matching prefab.


  • Footstepper
    Added the missing ‘Top Down 2D Mode’ setting that was removed by mistake in 1.7.0.