Footstepper 1.5.0 is available.

This update adds an optional distance to player limitation to the Footstep Manager, only allowing Footsteppers within a defined disance to a player Footstepper to play footsteps.

You can now also register custom functions with a Footstepper, to be called whenever it plays a footstep.


  • Footstep Manager
    ‘Player’ and ‘Allowed Distance To Player’ settings available. Optionally only allow ‘Footstepper’ components within a defined distance to a player ‘Footstepper’ to play footsteps. Can be set via code to change the used player.
  • Footstepper
    ‘Is Player’ setting available. Automatically sets the ‘Foostepper’ as the ‘Footstep Manager’ player for allowed distance checks.
  • Footstepper
    ‘On Footstep’ event available. Register your (parameterless) function with a ‘Footstepper’ component, the function will get called whenever a footstep is played.
  • Footstepper
    ‘On Footstep Detailed’ event available. Like ‘On Footstep’, but with more detailed information. Passes on the foot’s ‘Transform’, the used ‘FootstepEffect’, the ‘Vector3’ position and ‘Vector3 normal that where hit by the raycast.