Footstepper 1.4.0 is available.

This update adds the new Speed Update Type setting Footsteppers and allows limiting layers for Footstep Triggers.


  • Footstep Trigger
    ‘Limit Layer’ settings available. Optionally limit the layers that can cause footsteps.
  • Footstepper
    ‘Speed Update Type’ setting available. Select when the ‘Footstepper’ component’s current movement speed is updated, either ‘None’ (no automatic calculation), ‘Update’, ‘Late Update’ or ‘Fixed Update’. This should match how the game object is moved (e.g. ‘Fixed Update’ when using rigidbodies for movement).
  • Scripting: Footstepper
    You can now set the speed of a ‘Footstepper’ component (e.g. used for speed checks or auto play) via the ‘Speed’ property (Vector2).