Foot IK handles placing feet on the ground.

You can optionally use the Foot IK component to aligning the left and right foot with the ground. It is only available for humanoid Mecanim animations (i.e. with 2 feet).

Using IK requires an AnimatorEnable IK manages if foot IK is used or not.

Use Smoothing to fade between a foot being placed on the ground and no foot IK being used (e.g. when the raycast didn’t find the ground when lifting the foot during an animation).

Feet Settings

The Weight for left/right foot position and rotation determines how far between the original and the ground position/rotation the foot will be placed. 0 means the original value, 1 the ground value.

You can also add an Offset to the ground position used for a foot – this is e.g. useful if your foot’s position isn’t directly at the sole.

Raycast Settings

A raycast is used to find the ground’s position and normal value (i.e. angle) below a foot. This works the same as with the Footstepper’s raycasting.

Make sure to select the correct layers in the Layer Mask, as this might differ from the layer mask used in a footstepper. E.g. you want your footstepper to also find the surface of water to place prefabs there, but you don’t want your foot IK to place a foot on the water’s surface.